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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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that has experience with the prompts and veterans that's part of our procurement it is out now and due october of. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you for the community members putting this work together there's a concerted effort to make it happen i appreciate the presentation thank you it was very well done and i want to recognize the vets that came and told their stories i appreciate our presence and i was going to support this project but your testimony was helpful i was glad to hear our stories one concern i have despite going forward with this project is that i'm concerned we're into a new era of higher costs with master lazy know it
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is what it is called for but a concern that will impact our enhance of the project i'll be supportive today thanks again. >> okay. we have this item before us can i have a motion to send it forward. >> supervisor mar and supervisor avalos we'll take that without objection. >> okay congratulations everyone and madam clerk call item 9 (clapping.) item 4 is a resolution approving the 7th amendment to the aefrmd security serviced for the, llc to increase the amount of contract not to exceed $35.9 million and extending the contract. >> thank you, chairman and
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members of the committee director of security investigations and enforcement at the mta i'm here today as a followup as a appearance we recorded that 50ur7bd international the intended armed and unarmed security withdrew their bid school district the agency rejected all bids it's our request for parole the rfp the cypress not to exceed 6 months we respectfully request the committee recommend the extension to the full board of supervisors in the additional funding of $3 million fizzing. >> just out of curiosity was cypress the other bidder. >> yes. mr. chairman. >> colleagues any questions mr.
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rose your report. >> yes. on page 22 of our report we state it sfmta's xoins contract with cypress exceeded $92 million for approximately 6 point - $5.4 million table 3 on page 23 of our report shows the actual and projected expenditures totally $83 million plus to be paid september 2014 and on page 23 of our report bones your analysis the request for an immediately not to exceed $3 million to cover the six months extension of cypress contract appears to be reasonable we recommend you paragraph the proposed
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resolution. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues, any questions we'll open this up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. . >> motion to send this item forward objection. >> madam clerk madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> no, mr. chair. >> thank you, everyone we're adjourned
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>> ladies and gentlemen the chair has called the meeting to order, could we please rise for the pledge of allegiance? >> president, i would like to call the roll, please >> yes. >> president lofhus. >> here. >> turm an. >> here. >> marshal. en route. >> and commissioner mazzuco.
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>> present. >> commissioner dejesus in route. >> commissioner wong? >> present. >> and with us we have the chief of police, gregory p suhr. and commissioner melara. >> here. >> welcome to the police commission, on wednesday, september 10th, inspector please call line item number one. >>general public comment (the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or occ personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither police or occ personnel, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but, may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain, however, from entering into any debates or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit your comments to three (3) minutes.).
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>> thank you, inspector, do we have any public comment? >> hearing none, please call line item number two. >> line item two, reports and announcements. the chief's report, and discussion and review of recent activities. >> good evening, commissioners and public and my report is going to be relatively brief tonight. and we have had unfortunately, two homicides since our last meeting. we had one on nicoles way out in the bay view, at 20 of 10 and last week, homicides actually were working that case. and very sadly, we had a second homicide just last night, at 24th and cap street. and that brings the total for
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the year, to 26 again, you know, we actively worked this case, our clearances are up and we are hopeful to make these cases as well. and but again, very unfortunate and the vigil that has been held for the young student, from secret high school that has been going on since that homicide, and it will end after the services which will be on thursday. and as far as crime over all goes, crime continues to be, violent crime continues to be down as well as property crime. and shootings are also down, and so, it seems to be a bit of an irony that, you know, with the crime down, but i think that it is important that when we do suffer, fatal violence, we continue to have the conversation, because we have this vision zero with pedestrian fatality and that should be our goal with violence in san francisco. >> and a couple of things of
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interest, today. was the kick off for fleet week and, fleet week is back in san francisco, after one year due to sequester and today we had a robust table tops to the recovery for planning on what we would do, days out from a seven-plus earthquake, and again, i think that a lot of people think that fleet week is just the blue angel and i don't think that they understand that the degree of emergency preparedness that goes in. today 140 agencies were represented all over the place, doing various planning exercises and so as we have done in san francisco, whatever the calamity is worldwide, and it is done as if it happened here which probably makes our plans here in san francisco as good as anywhere in the world and here in earthquake country, it is defined by what just happened, and napa and it is
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always a question of when, not if. and this week, we have our, well, thursday, we have the anniversary of the 9/11 and the tragedy that occurred in new york, and we will be and there will be an event at the golden gate bridge and all members of the commission are invited and we will be kicking off a coast to coast run and also, remembering those people including first responders that were lost on thursday, and the chief and his wife will be with the fire department at the fire college at the same time, and it is just the incredible amount of fallen firefighters on that same day. and then on sunday, we have the police fire mass, again, everyone is invited and it is at saint monica, and it is, and i know that the policeman and fire really appreciate how everybody in san francisco takes a moment to remember what
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is probably a tragic a day as anybody suffered in our life times. so with that, that concludes my report. >> okay, that is all, commissioners any questions for the chief? >> okay, inspector please call the next line item. >> line item, two, occ director's report, discussion, and review of recent activity and presentation of the occ statistical report and summary of cases received in august 2014 and, mediation of complaints in august 2014 and adjudication of sustained complaints in august of 2014. >> good evening, and this evening, i will have a brief summary of the recent activities and i missed the first part of the chief suhr's report, but last friday, i
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attended a reception for the participants of the operation genusis trip to ghana as well as these in the entire video and it was, quite moving, and it was, you know, such a wonderful program, in that after, the screening, the team participants were able to answer questions through a q&a about what it meant to them, and to them to go to ghana, and to be in touch with the demands and the culture, and the history of their independence, and as well as the point of
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departure for the slaves and what was really touching about the teams is that they were able to contrast their lives and what they considered to be their struggle here in san francisco with with the struggles of people who were very poor but did not necessarily embrace poverty as their way. but what i heard from the teams was first of all they sure wish that they could go back again and they knew that they could only go one time and secondly it taught them to appreciate what they had here, and one of the teams said, well i had trouble getting up to go to school but i am going to get up now and just to see, in the full, and i know that we saw part of the video here, and that the police commission and we see the entire video, and to
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see, how the officers interacted with the students, and just how important that is. and that to me, is truly a community policing. and in its fullest degree. and we see something like that, and it, it makes you realize how far away ferguson, missouri and what has happened there from what is happening in san francisco and so i appreciate the invitation and having had the opportunity to before the film talk to some of the teens and their parents. so that is the recent activities. with regard to the august comprehensive statistical report, we will go over the numbers of complaints. that information is in your packet and i will talk about the mediation and we had 36
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mediations through august 31st. and the same number as through august 31st of last year. moving to the chief's proposed discipline on occ sustained complaints in august. and there were eight cases that were reviewed by chief suhr and seven of them were from neglect of duty and one was for discourtesy. the discipline ranged from admonishment and retraining up to suspension, and rep remanned and retraining and a particular note is one involving one of the... and (inaudible) and the
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officers failing to obtain the complainant account of the incident, when the complainant received the injuries during a fight. and leaving out the complainant statement, because the complainant primary language was spanish and yet the complainant was interviewed in spanish but it did not make its way into the incident report. so in response to that, the chief is going to issue some department bulletins on report writing responsibilities. and in another incident involving an officer in pursuit of a suspect who had been involved in a hit-and-run, which caused property damage,
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it was mistaken identity where the officer display his weapon to a 14-year-old at a park. and the 14-year-old was in fact there watching younger children. the 14-year-old and his father filed a complaint. and chief suhr, did not find a display of the weapon was out of policy, but he did find that the officer should have explained more carefully to the teen why what happened happened. and additionally that the officer should have issued the teen a certificate of release. so there was an admonishment in retraining in that case. and that is the conclusion of
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my report. >> okay, any questions for director hicks? thank you for that report. >> you are welcome. >> i have a couple if none of my colleagues have. i saw under the discursecy that there was a written reprimand and i don't know if it is appropriate or to share with us what it is, making the inappropriate comments? >> it involved using inappropriate language. >> cursing? >> i do not recall. >> okay. >> and what i did recall was that the language was such that i was not comfortable putting it in the report and now i do not recall. but i can let you know. >> okay. >> and i just want to say, i do think that it is a sign of the
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system working when you identified the need to issue the department bulletin in a good way that the two departments, i guess is one department, but occ working with the department to identify areas where there is a need for reminders, because, clearly, i think that there are a few there. and so that is great. anything else for director hicks? >> okay. and inspector call the next item? >> commissioner loftus, i should say president , loftus. >> i don't want to take credit for the department bulletin, that was something that chief suhr on his own determine%backer determined was necessary. >> only because i knew that was what the director wanted to happen. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are seeing a love fest. >> call the next item. >> two c, commission reports,
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xhix president's reports and commissioner's reports. >> yes, this weekend, i had the good fortune of attending a play called the haze, it is put on by a woman who is a survivor of a rape that happened here in 2010, and it is the story of her and she come before us in this commission and it is the story of her experience, not only of being victimized by the perpetrater and waiting for the system and waiting for her kit to be tested and i know that the chief did significant work on identifying what the break downs were in 2010, before the chief was in charge. and some changes were made at the crime lab, and some policy changed were made around eliminating a backlog and moving for ward in a way that does not leave any discretion to decide which kits we text. >> and so we hope that you might be able to shed a little
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bit of light on the progress that the department has made? >> sure. >> if you give me one second. so apparently, and i knew her as well, and so at the end of miss marlow's play they requested people to ask of me to make sure that we are still moving along and so i have received a couple of e-mails and i am happy to respond because i think that it is another issue that it is important that our feet are continued to be held to the fire. and i assured, the e-mailers, that we are committed, and in fact, i am one of the honorary, >> co-hosts. >> of the play. >> and so, she knows that we are committed to this. and in 2038, we did a ten year review of all sexual assault kits collect and did discover that we had a backlog.
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and i directed and in the immediate implementation of our asap program which is the additional program. and for all assault kits and so during the collection of the sexual assault evidence, is collected and up to four additional evidence samples are collected for the most location to make sure that we get what we need and the asap kit is collected within 72 hours and immediately transferred to the crime lab and it is assigned for the analysis within 14 days and so we have stopped any as far as the existing backlog and when we came in early in 2011 and the inspection of one supervisor and one criminalist who did all of the dna testing and the screening for the sexual assault evidence. and we have secured funding and
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we have a staffing increase of over 400 percent to the current level of 4 supervisors and eleven analysts, further, we have reconfigured the dna section to make it more efficient and then finally, we have secured an outsourcing contract for the services with the two private labs and so they are working closely with the private labs, and the sexual assault kits, and 60 cases from the backlog have already been sent and the goal is to have the complete ten year backlog completed by mid 2015. it is huge, and we are committed to getting done, and so using the outsourcing, we will more than triple the capacity. and with our current asap, implementation in january, make sure that it does not go and the test that we are conducting on the rape kits are not the test, as just as required by the assembly bill or even by
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doj, we are testing all of the kits. and so, we are not all cut off yet, and we are good going forward from january, and we are going to get to where we should have been a long time ago, by mid 2015, and that there should be a lot of it with miss marow because she keeps it right up front all of the time. and so you know, god bless her and i wish that she had never had to go through what she went through. >> so we will just continue to get updates and maybe calendar that in a few months to see where we are with that backlog, but that is great work, thank you, chief. >> my fellow commissioners any announcements? >> thank you, i just want to announce that last thursday, i went to the china town night out event that was organized at the port smith square and it was, i have been to lots of these events, but this was an incredible event and we had more than 5 or 600 people out
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there. and i wish that we had more media out there, and we had probably i told the captain that it is probably a good night to commit crime because most of the central station is out there cooking the food and feeding the 50 seniors and the residents and the kids that turned out for the event, and a couple of supervisors, and so it was a very, well attended event and a lot of community organizations brought out the tabling and giving out the information and there were a lot of seniors speaking with the central station officers and i think that for the first time, feeling a lot more comfortable knowing them in person and reporting some of stuft that has been happening and i spoke with one, woman, who indicated that there had been strangers inside of her complex, knocking on the doors at night. and we took a report out there, at the event. and monday, last wednesday, commissioner marshal and i met with a group of folks around
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the issue of violence, against some of these seniors, and down in this valley, and i did not see commissioner marshal here, and last monday there was a follow up event that featured the captain, and down at engle side and there were probably 100 seniors that came out to express their concerns about the ongoing issues of violence, and particularly a woman who was shot in the face with a beebeegun and some of the more violent robberis that they have experienced and so there was a response from sfmta and the police department and the supervisor's office and to assure that there will be more was done in that area. >> so, just to close the loop on that, so a couple of the younger people that were responsible for two or three of them or more of the more serious ones were actually taken into custody and so a lot of this stuff sort of ebbed because it only takes one group to sort of cause a spike.
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so they have been arrested, and much like the time in 2011, that we have out in the bay view, and something good really came to that and that is the cyc the partnership and we do it in the day and it does get just it is a great mixing of the cultures, that are now together forever. because that is just how the bay view looks right now and i think that the same thing is going to happen in this valley and, that is what the captain is going to try to do is work with zang and the people there to try to bring everybody together. >> and it was a part of that meeting, at that commissioner wang and i had and also, the community ambassadors throughout that, >> exactly right. >> yeah. >> and we are looking to also try to expand that down there. >> yeah. sometimes it takes bad stuff and good stuff comes out of it. >> okay. inspector call the next line item. >> 2 d, commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future
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commission meetings. our next meeting will be september 24th, september 17th is the thursday wednesday and we will be dark and there will not be a meeting we will be in the central district on the 24th of september and the mission will meet at the central district at jordan jay loud elementary to get the comments from the public and central station captain. >> and i am sure, inspector monroe, i am sure that we do this for all of the community meetings, but in particular if we are going to the central station and the issues that i have heard also from the chinese community, can we just make sure that the captain is doing out reach on the language access that 48 hours that folks need to apply for language access so that we can get a robust showing from the members of the community in their language. that would be great. >> yeah. >> and i believe that the
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announcements have already been made in the papers and i would just warn my fellow commissioners to expect that there is going to be a fairly large turn out. and so, it could be a longer meeting. >> okay. >> good. >> is there a reason in particular that you expect a larger turn out? >> no. i think that every week that i come here and i tell you that the two or three things that the captain and he has done ten things without me, and he is really out there in the community and really, walking the beat and going to every single community meeting and networking with all of the groups and announcing it at every single function and so the folks will be turning and of our particular concern are some of the residential robberies that the seniors have faced and i think that you will also hear a lot of positive feedback for what the central station has been doing out there. >> and they have called the captain and it is very ininclusive and i think that the captain will be at the top of the list. >> good. >> and absolutely. >> there are other things in
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the hopper? commissioner, any items for scheduling? >> just the first amendment for the general order of the first amendment activities and the officers and the social media and i have met with the city attorney and the chief told me that we are getting very close to have the review by the occ. and any other items? >> okay, inspector please call the next... i am sorry, any public comment on-line item 2 d. >> actually, commissioner if i may, we do have public comment now, i have an attorney and member of the state, and he is coming forward, and he is coming forward today as a parent from the schools, and the night of 9/11 and tell us what the students have done with the san francisco police department. >> thank you, commissioner mazzucco and good evening, i am here as a messener and this


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